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Beacon Park

Location | Lichfield, UK

The Canons Park Estate Pond or 'Basin Lake' and its adjacent hardstanding area in Canons Drive is home to many waterfowl, such as Canada geese, Egyptian geese, mallard ducks, moorhens and coots. Occasionally swans, cormorant and heron may be seen. 

Known to locals as the finest view in Edgware. The Lake was originally laid out by James Brydges, later made the Duke of Chandos. He was one of the richest men in England and acquired a vast estate and built a famous mansion or palace circa 1720. The Lake was created as an ornamental pond that horsedrawn carriages had to drive around when they entered the Avenue, now Canons Drive, giving them their first glimpse of the mansion in the distance. It is believed that the Lake had working fountains, but these have not survived.

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Lakes, ditches and wonderful wildlife habitats attract birds such as grey herons as well as provide frogs, newts, fish and dragonflies a healthy habitat to thrive. The colourful flowers provide nectar for insects and the reeds and bulrushes provide shelter for nesting birds.

Meet The Wildlife!

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