Protect Our Ducks

We love all wildlife, especially Ducks! But as a community we can hurt them without realising we are doing so. The Feed The Ducks Initiative is here to raise awareness of what we can do to protect our Ducks whilst also enjoying our time with them.

The issues we can help reduce  together 



Everyone likes to feed Ducks, and although it is preferable to leave the Ducks to feed in their own natural habitat, many people still feed them. In most cases they feed too much incorrect food which tends to be high in Carbohydrates such as bread and other snacks. This is unsustainable! Our Duck feed dispensers help reduce the levels of overfeeding. We dispense a smaller amount of feed than what many would bring to feed ducks. Not only is this more sustainable it is also healthier feed entering into the ecosystem. If we can reduce the amount of incorrect artificial feed entering into the Ducks ecosystem we can play a part in reducing the overpopulation it causes, and reducing the impacts of overpopulation in an ecosystem.