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Engaging Your Community

If you're looking at engaging your community, look no further. Enhance your community development by introducing an activity everyone loves to do. Did you know a community that introduces a family friendly activity, increases community wellbeing and happiness? We have outlined some of the benefits below that our Duck Feed dispensers bring to the community.

The Activity for Children

Duck Feeding is a well known activity for families. But did you know that it can enhance positive cognitive developments in adolescents?

Our initiative provides opportunity for all families to participate, in a safe, environmentally friendly way that contributes towards positive healthy youth development. The Feed The Ducks Initiative also provides an immersive family experience to educate on habitat conservation and wildlife protection.

Cute young boy feeding the ducks late in the afternoon.jpg
Mallard female with little ducklings in a living nature on the river on a sunny day. Breed

Benefits for the Elderly

Duck Feeding is an enjoyable past time for people of all ages..

Increasing animal and human interaction with the elderly population is known to increase self esteem, combat loneliness and encourage active outdoor participation, contributing to a healthier lifestyle. 

We give another reason for those cooped up indoors to get outdoors. We want everyone to enjoy and engage with the beauty of our wildlife!

Reduce Community Anti-Social Behaviour

Did you know that community areas that have a higher footfall of families can reduce the incidences of anti social behaviour and vandalism?


Duck Feeding brings communities together from all generations, who can help reduce frequency of anti- social behaviour and vandalism.

We do our bit to help keep our communities a safer place for all to enjoy.

People in Park
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