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view of The Lough, Cork City, Ireland, with frost on the water.jpg

The Lough

Location | Cork City

The Lough is a wildfowl preserve, particularly for swans, it has been a protected area since 1881 as a Public Wildlife Refuge and is one of Ireland’s oldest protected areas. It is a shallow spring-fed freshwater lake with an average depth of one metre.

The Lough hosts a wide variety of wildlife.  It is an important habitat for a large bird population some of which are migratory. 

early morning as birds swim and feed in the Lough, Cork City, Ireland.jpg
The island functions as a refuge, roosting and breeding area for the numerous birds that call the Lough home. On autumn and winter nights they are joined by thousands of other birds which come from far and wide to take advantage of the safety of the island as a night time roost site.

Meet The Wildlife!

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