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Mallard female with little ducklings in a living nature on the river on a sunny day. Breed

Community Habitat Preservation

Duck Feeding is a harmless activity that can have serious consequences if not managed correctly. 

Feeding incorrect feed to Ducks is the leading contributor to illness and pollution of natural habitats, causing spread of disease and ultimately death to many wild animals in the ecosystem. 

The Duck Feed Intiative aims to put a stop to this, with the use of certified approved feed, our dispensers reduce the frequency of incorrect feed being introduced into the ecosystem. 

Key Benefits

The Cost Implication

For Local Authorities, the cost of maintaining a pond or lake ecosystem that houses Ducks and other wildlife species can be devastating. Feed The Ducks Initiative helps reduce this burden, by reducing the amount of foreign feed entering into the ecosystem, reducing the amount of litter entering into the ecosystem and help reduce vandalism of local habitats.

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