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Rose Garden

Location | Hullbridge, UK

The Rose Garden is a public park located close to Hullbridge Village centre

The site is a rural retreat at the heart of Hullbridge. Hullbridge started as a small hamlet with a few cottages, surrounded by farmland, clustered around an inn on the riverside. It was here that pilgrims crossed the river on their way to Canterbury. Signs of the old causeway can still be seen at low tide but no remains of the bridge, said to have spanned the river from circa 1240 to Cromwell's time, are left to be seen.

Located alongside the River Crouch the garden has a wide variety of trees which provide a valuable habitat for all kinds of wildlife. They support many species of insects, moths, bats and squirrels. Kendall Nature Reserve is also a 2 minute walk from the Rose garden home to many different species of birds. 

The Rose Garden is a historic Rural Space that boasts rare species of Swans and a short walk from Kendall Nature Reserve haven to wonderful wildlife habitats which attract birds such as Great Crested Grebes as well as providing food and shelter for nesting waterbirds and a healthy habitat for frogs, fish and dragonflies to thrive. The colourful flowers provide nectar for insects and the reeds and bulrushes provide shelter for nesting birds.

Meet The Wildlife!

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