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Autumn tree landscape in mote park, maidstone, October 2018.jpg

Mote Park

Location | Maidstone, UK

Mote Park is a 440-acre multi-use public park in Maidstone, Kent. Previously a country estate and has enjoyed ownership from the Royal Family and the founder of the Royal Dutch Shell oil company. 

Mote Park has 110 ancient and veteran trees some believed to be as old as 500 years! These trees offer a valuable and extremely rare habitat. This habitat supports some of the UKs rarest and most threatened species.  

Mote Park Canada Geese.jpeg
Mote Park.jpeg
Mote Park is a historic parkland that dates back to the 1200's. Since records began the Park has recorded 148 wild bird species and has a healthy population of reptiles including grass snakes, slowworms and common lizards. Mote Park in the past also recorded Adders with the last record of an Adder in 2013!

Meet The Wildlife!

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