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Pinner Memorial Park

Location | Harrow, UK

Pinner Memorial Park is one of Harrow’s Green Flag Parks. On land that was part of the West House estate, where Lord Nelson's daughter Horatia lived. Further land was acquired in 1949 after a public campaign for a memorial to those who died in both world wars and subsequently the park opened as Pinner Memorial Park in 1950.

The facilities within the grounds include a bowling green, children's play area, aviary, duck pond, memorial gardens, Daisy's in the Park Cafe and The Heath Robinson Museum at West House.

Lakes, ditches and wonderful wildlife habitats attract birds such as grey herons as well as provide frogs, newts, fish and dragonflies a healthy habitat to thrive. The colourful flowers provide nectar for insects and the reeds and bulrushes provide shelter for nesting birds.

Meet The Wildlife!

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