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Christchurch Quay

Location | Christchurch, UK

Located on the north side of the River Stour Christchurch is renowned for its historical buildings and community charm.  Next to this dispenser is Place Mill dating back to 1100AD originally an Anglo Saxon Watermill. 

A short walk from here is the Quomps, home to a stunning Victorian bandstand made of cast iron. You will see on this scenic stroll that it is home to a number of species of wildfowl including a gaggle of swans. Learn more about the wildlife below. 

Christchurch Quaymain2.jpeg
Lakes, ditches and wonderful wildlife habitats attract birds such as kingfishers and herons as well as provide frogs, newts, fish and dragonflies a healthy habitat to thrive. The colourful flowers provide nectar for insects and the reeds and bulrushes provide shelter for nesting birds.

Meet The Wildlife!

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