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What Do Ducks Eat?

This is one of the most common questions asked when families want to feed the ducks.

Let us start by saying the best nutrition for Ducks come from their own habitat. It is always preferable to leave ducks to feed in their own environment. However if you want to feed ducks it is important to know what to feed them.

Below is a guide on the types of feed that is generally acceptable to feed ducks.


DO NOT FEED Ducks Bread!

Bread and other forms of snack carbohydrates such as popcorn, rice cakes etc is bad for the Ducks diet and is very damaging to the habitat. If you feed ducks these items you are contributing to increased risks of disease and overfeeding that can harm the Ducks.

If you are going to Feed Ducks it is recommended to feed them

Sliced Grapes

Chopped Lettuce

Thawed Frozen Peas

Bird Seed

Duck Feed Pellets.


The Feed The Ducks Initiative help communities make the right choices if they want to Feed the Ducks. We voluntarily install and maintain Duck Feed dispensers for all communities to enjoy. Our dispensers allow for the correct feed to be provided for Ducks, and we provide a suitable amount of feed to ensure we lower the impacts of overfeeding that is caused by feeding wildlife.

If you don't have a dispenser in your local area, you can recommend a location to us on our website

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