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Watermead Country Park

Location | Leicester, UK

Watermead Country Park is a public park located in between Thurmaston, Syston and Birstall.

Watermead Country Park is a haven for wetland wildlife enjoyed by nature lovers, walkers and families. The park has fine lake views and woodland walks with good paths and picnic areas.

The park is home to the Birstall Nature Reserve, situated towards the south of the park. This area has been a reserve since the early 1980s. This habitat supports some of the the most beautiful species of birds from blue tits to green woodpeckers, to Swans, Canada Geese and Ducks!

Watermead Country Park is a historic parkland that boasts Lakes, ditches and wonderful wildlife habitats which attract birds such as Swans and Great Crested Grebes as well as providing food and shelter for nesting waterbirds and a healthy habitat for frogs, fish and dragonflies to thrive. The colourful flowers provide nectar for insects and the reeds and bulrushes provide shelter for nesting birds.

Meet The Wildlife!

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