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The Feed Ducks Initiative builds, installs and maintains Solar Powered Contactless Duck Feed Dispensers 

Solar Powered | Can be installed entirely off-grid.

Contactless | No Cash is ever taken or stored.

A Green Footprint | Each Feeder is made from recycled plastics equivalent to 20,000 plastic bottles. 

Funding Communities | 10% of proceeds are donated back to the community to fund environmental initiatives in their public parks.  

DuckFeeder Solar.png

Key Facts

It's free for councils to bring to their communities. We do not charge anything

Fully managed by us, or at the discretion of the council, by the local Tidy Towns or Friends of the Park Group

A way of funding new projects in your community. We donate 10% of our proceeds back to the community. 

The Environmental Benefits

Our Feeders reduce bread feeding and overfeeding in public spaces.

As a result we reduce the amount of foreign feed and rotting excess food that leads to silt build up in local pond ecosystems and attract vermin. An avoidable issue and cost to clean up. 

Our Locations

With thanks to our close partnerships with local authorities The Feed Ducks Initiative can be found near you and the list is growing